Saturday, February 03, 2007


Hi everybody,

Thanks to my girlfriend's precious help, my website is now online!
Here is the link:
It has been built on in a few hours, so ... it is very essential, no animations or crazy buttons.
But at least it's there, there will be time to improve it.... later on.

You can also find some of my mp3s, I'll put here the direct link to the page:



Ale said...

prego, nuvoletta! ;)

elephantmarchblog said...

The stuff on your website is very nice. I love how the skunk Fu cycles turned out. I've been strictly doing walk cycles on the show I'm working on too; "Chaotic". The title suits it on multiple levels (It's probably a perfect example of everything not to do with a cartoon. I like living in canada for everything save our film and animation industry.
I've got to get to Ireland or France and get on some good stuff....

juan said...

già detto su msn. figo il sito!
io incomincerò a usare il mio blog per cagate, tienilo d'occhio.

MickFred said...

yeah nicely web site there my piano fingered pickle. Those layouts of mine were made under duress. You know the story. If anyone asks tell them it isn't this mick harrison writing this but another Mick harrison who was told to be shit on purpose.