Monday, October 15, 2007

Torino, Italia

After the craziest moving ever, (Ireland - Italy by car) here we are back in Italy!!!

Torino is wonderful, and finally we can meet old friends and live closer to our families. It's just great!!

The experience in Ireland was fantastic though, I learnt so much and met wonderful people. I really care to stay in touch with all of them. Thanks for everything, guys! And thanks to Ireland for all the opportunities I had.

See you soon!


marco piersma said...

Hey Alfredo!
Just bounced off Ale's blog onto yours.
Nice drawings and very beautiful photographs!
I like the picture of your sister!
Good luck and stay in touch!

Abel said...

Hey! the other day I met a crazy Italian in Granada, he was from Torino too!
I don't remember his name but he was a very nice person, like all the other italians I know so far, hahaha