Wednesday, March 12, 2008

ciao ciao amico mio

Today our beloved friend, the hamster Filippo, went into the hamsters heaven. This brave little fellow spent 2 years with Alessandra and me and shared with us a very important bit of our lives.
Very aggressive at first, later he became quite friendly: he could also eat biscuits in our hands.

Thanks Filippo, for the time spent with us and all the nice memories. Ciao ciao Piccinci!


Mick said...

the little chomper off to bite gods toes.

Shuku said...

What a sweet photo to remember him by. I'm so sorry, but I am glad you have happy memories of him.


Richard Gaines said...

You do some really amazing work! I love your animation, particularly the secondary animation on the baboon from Skunk Fu.

I hope Wulfie goes somewhere! Great blog!

Shem said...

Sorry to hear about the little fellow, i'm sure he's rocking out with hendrix's cat and jeff buckley's dog.

Abel said...

I'm sorry too, I knew him, he used to live next door for a few weeks and he was cute, although I never dare to touch him, hehe.
rest in peace :(