Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cintiq protective screen arrived!

Today I received the protective screen I ordered from the USA.

It is quite thick and very simple to apply, and the Cintiq lightness and sensitivity didn't decrease as much as I expected. Actually, they are almost the same as without screen, it's just matter to get used to it. Maybe the only note is that the pen doesn't flow as smoothly as it was before.
Anyway, after a month of use my tablet was already showing light signs of scratching, so I suppose it would be a disaster after 2-3 years of everyday work without any protection. I think I can recommend it!

Here is where I found it:
price $18,50 plus shipping.

This doodle is made after applying the screen.
See you next time!


giovanna said...

oh... che meraviglia.... addirittura gli accessori per la cintiq, noi mortali non abbiamo neanche la cintiq stessa... bava alla bocca Cassano..
(almeno cosi e' stato svelato il mistero della tua inarrivabile precisione di tiro su HL)

Marcos Mateu said...

Interesting! I actually thought the screen could eventually be smoothed out with soft cloth or similar, that's how superficial the scratches were.
So how smooth is this protective cover then, does it have the same texture as the original screen?

alf said...


hehe lo sai bene che se giochi ad HL con una tavletta grafica, il tuo giocatore inizia a guardare in cielo ruotando su se' stesso... quello e' puro talento di mouse!


the feeling isn't the same as whitout of course, it's slightly less smooth but the sensibility is practically the same, at the moment I really forgot I have it.
I would definitely recommend it. For 18 dollars you save a 2000 dolars screen from unavoidable scratches (I saw some really ruined Cintiqs, no cloth can save them).
I'm going to buy a couple of spare ones just in case they stop selling them for any reason..

juan said...

ma nooo... gioca con un tavoletta, ma non coprirti la meta delle grafiche con l'avambraccio! hehe... ma sta scintic? val la pena immagino eh? avrai pure una intuos 4? dalla 3 alla 4, grosse differenze?

elephantmarchblog said...

so jealous! I want one!

Marcos Mateu said...

Got myself one! works great. Thanks for the advice (and Happy New Year to you guys)